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100g Steak tartar with toast 150
100g Fried Jalapeño peppers stuffed with cheddar cheese, dip 85
100g Nachos baked with Cheddar cheese, dip 69
120g Pickled camembert cheese 69


Chicken soup with home-made noodles and Julienne vegetables 35
Cream garlic soup with croutons and bacon chips 35
Daily offer soup  


250g Caesar salad 135
(roman leaves, chicken meat, croutons, parmesan, bacon chips, dressing)
250g Greek salad 110
250g Caprese 95
(Tomatoes with mozzarella and pesto)
150g Mixed salad with feta cheese 55
150g Mixed salad 49
Club sandwich with chicken 85
Club sandwich with ham&cheese 75
Club sandwich with vegetables 69


200g Grilled chicken steak with Hollandaise sauce and grilled vegetables 159
200g Chicken roll stuffed with camembert and walnut sauce 150
200g Chicken steak with cranberries sauce 150
200g Tandoori Masala-yoghurt spiced chicken medallions with dip 140
200g Fried chicken schnitzel 120
150g Chinese style chicken mixture 140
200g Marinated pork neck with onion crust 140
200g Pork tenderloin stuffed with dried tomatoes  160
200g Medallions from pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce 160
200g Schnitzel from the pork neck 120
150g Piquant Mexican pan 160
(pork tenderloin, red beans, sweet corn, onion, pepper)
250g Grilled beef steak served with choice of sauces 350
(pepper, mushroom, cranberries)
150g Sliced beef sirloin with chili and onion 180
150g Home-made beef burger with potato French fries and mayonnaise 155
200g Salmon fillet with creamy spinach 210
Fried Edam cheese 65
Fried camembert, cranberries 75
Gnocchi with chicken meat and creamy spinach 125
Gnocchi with curry spiced pork tenderloin 145
Tagliatelle with salmon and creamy-lime sauce 145
Tagliatelle with chopped tomatoes, olives and basil 95


Steak French fries 30
Potatoes wedges 30
Boiled potatoes 30
Mashed potatoes with onion 39
Home-made potatoes puree 39
Jasmine rice 30
Grilled vegetables 49
Mixture salad 49
Garlic baguette 39
Bakery 15
Mayonnaise 15
Ketchup 15


Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream 89
Vanilla Ice cream with warm raspberry and whipped cream 65
Pancakes with fruit, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 75

Prices are in CZK


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